Jury Trials

Twin Cities Jury Trial Criminal Lawyer

When a person is accused of a crime outside of a petty offense like a traffic ticket, they have the right to a jury trial. What this means is that a jury of their peers determines innocence or guilt based on evidence presented that proves or disproves that the defendant committed a criminal act.

When the jury weighs the facts that have been presented to them, they deliberate and determine whether or not the defendant is innocent or guilty. If reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime exists, then the jury cannot convict because they could possibly convict an innocent person. If there is no reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime, then the jury can move forward with a conviction.

Because the prosecution’s case has to be effectively challenged in order to achieve the best result, a defendant needs to have a competent and experienced Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer to help them pose that challenge. It is all about clearly producing reasonable doubt where it exists so the jury can see it and make the proper decision.

Jury Trial Experience That Gets Results

When charged with a crime, it is ideal to have an attorney representing you who knows how to navigate jury trials. The environment is an organized one, yet it can be somewhat hostile in that both sides are trying to get the result that they want. The defense attorney has to be vigilant from start to finish while preserving the defendant’s rights and being a powerful advocate.

Jury trials can be challenging, but they are worthwhile in that a jury can see the facts and determine the correct outcome in most cases. If the evidence that the jury was presented with was not appropriate or there are other circumstances in which the jury is believed to have made the wrong decision, then a defendant has the right to move forward with the appeals process. It is through the appeals process that a defendant can push for a better result.

Fighting For Your Future

All in all, you can look at the courtroom like a battleground where two sides will use the law and evidence to win their argument. One side is trying to prove the defendant’s guilt, while the Minneapolis criminal defense attorney is working to determine innocence or show that the circumstances do not warrant the maximum consequences. It takes aggressiveness, strategy, knowledge, and skill to effectively challenge the prosecution’s case so that the best result can be secured.

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Jury trials can be challenging, which is why you don’t want just any attorney representing you. You need a trial lawyer who knows the law and who can navigate a courtroom in a way that ensures your rights are protected while advocating for your future and guiding you through the process as seamlessly as possible. To learn more about how James H. Leviton can help you, call 612-799-4740 to schedule a free consultation.