Illegal Arrest Hearings

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Illegal arrest, also known as “false arrest”happens frequently in Minnesota for a number of reasons. This can be a very frightening situation for a person to have to endure and can make the individual very unsure of what their legal rights are in such a situation. There are two questions that come to mind when a person is falsely arrested:

  1. Do I sit back quietly or do I fight back?
  2. What chance to I have in this?

There is a lot of confusion and doubt that results from an illegal arrest, making a person wonder if they have a legal leg to stand on. This is where a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer can come in and make a difference. First, the attorney helps the accused understand what is happening and what can be done. Education is key in such cases, letting the accused know what their options are and how the attorney is going to advocate for them so that they can move on with their life.

Defending Your Rights And Freedom

One of the things that your attorney does for you is fight for your rights, as well as protect them. This is a part of fighting for the freedom that you deserve.

An illegal arrest is such because a person is unlawfully confined. Unfortunately, such arrests can occur when the arresting officer is discriminating, having a bad day, or being careless on the job. Arresting based off of any of these circumstances makes the arrest illegal. There are times when such arrests can lead to wrongful convictions, but your attorney will fight hard to make sure that your case doesn’t make it that far.

Fighting Back Against Unlawful Arrests In Minnesota

When in the hearing phase, your Minneapolis criminal defense attorney will use all of the facts to prove why the arrest was illegal. Everything from witness statements to the police report will be used to show the facts and why the arrest was not warranted. There is no excuse for being illegally arrested, so your attorney will fight so you can move forward.

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Illegal arrest is difficult for the person who has been arrested and it is difficult for the law enforcement officer and agency that are responsible for the arrest. If you or a loved one has been arrested illegally, then an experienced attorney is needed to reveal the facts in an illegal arrest hearing so that it can be proven that the arrest was not warranted. To learn more about your rights and options, contact James H. Leviton at 612-799-4740 to schedule a free consultation.